Articles for the Month of May 2016

Sleep: Do it Better to Feel Better

Sleep: Do It Better

Sleep: Do It Better

You know better than to stay up so late. You hear all the time how much you need to get your rest. Your body needs to recharge. Your mind needs to rejuvenate. Your attitude needs to adjust. Sleep is the key to all of that. Sleep matters.

It’s just that there’s so much to do. What does it hurt to shave off a few hours of rest?

Why is sleep such a big deal?

Why not put down your third cup of coffee and consider the benefits of a healthy bedtime routine:

Mental and physical health are reliant on proper rest.

  • The average adult is best served by 7 to 9 hours of sleep nightly.

    Clarity, heightened concentration, and elevated mood are directly linked to sleep.

    Lack of sleep can contribute to irritability and aggression.

    Sleep deprivation creates cravings for fat-inducing, sugary, carb-rich foods.

    Insufficient amounts of sleep and rest lead to a compromised immune system.

    Research indicates that sleep affects how well we learn information and retain it.

    Lack of adequate sleep affects motivation, appropriate judgment and perception.

    Deep, consolidated sleep over the course of each night secures the best mental and physical health situation.

    Attempts to “make up” lost sleep are also rarely successful. You might feel a bit better on the weekends by making up the “sleep debt” incurred during the week; however, oversleeping usually leaves you feeling less alert and more groggy and lethargic.