Anxiety Counseling

Do You Experience Excessive Feelings of Worry or Dread?

Is Your Daily Life Interrupted by Fear and Anxiety?

Are you plagued by irrational, unshakable fears? Do you constantly feel tense or on edge? Maybe you experience sudden attacks of panic that you can’t stop. Maybe you feel like something bad will happen if things aren’t done a specific way. You might always feel apprehensive or worry that danger is around every corner. Perhaps you often experience heart pounding, sweating, muscle tension, insomnia, or shortness of breath.

We all feel afraid and worried at points in our lives. Our natural fight, flight, or hide reactions help us protect ourselves. However, if you feel like your fears and worries control your life, you might be struggling with anxiety.



Anxiety takes on many forms. Whether you feel constantly anxious after experiencing a traumatic event, or controlled by obsessive thoughts and actions, or just feel a general, ever-present sense of dread, you do not have to suffer with your own thoughts. Anxiety therapy can help you recognize and overcome your worries and fears.

How Can I Begin to Resolve My Fear?

I’m Cathy Neville and I want to help you rediscover a sense peace and calm. Entering into anxiety therapy with me will help you learn how to understand, explain, and change your feelings of dread. Therapy for anxiety helps you get to the underlying reasons you experience your fear. Together, we will identify the basis of your anxiety and work to give you the resources you need to take control. Working with me will help you learn how to relax, how to look at things in new and less frightening ways, and how to develop and use effective coping skills.

Because anxiety is different for everyone, I take care to assess your situation. Depending on your individual experience, we will use a number of different methods. Regardless of our approach, we’ll take the time to identify the source of your anxiety, and then work to give you the skills and tools you need to confront and lessen it.

You deserve to feel a sense of peace and calm. Seeking help with your anxiety will allow you to make the changes you need to reclaim your life.

But Wait…

I’m afraid that needing therapy for my anxiety will make me feel weak. I wish I could ‘just get over it.’”

Needing and seeking therapy should never be considered a sign of weakness. Admitting that you need help and doing something about it is a huge act of courage! Further, if anxiety was something you could ‘just get over,’ you probably wouldn’t struggle with it, and would have done so by now. It might be difficult to take the first step and begin therapy for your anxiety, but as soon as you start to see the changes you are capable of making, you will realize the positive outcomes of seeking help with your healing.

Aren’t there medications I can take to alleviate my anxiety? Do I really need to enter therapy?”

While there are a number of prescribed medications for anxiety, they do not offer a complete solution. Medications only mask the symptoms of anxiety and can leave you feeling flat or empty. Anxiety counseling allows you to get to the source of your worry. Only by uncovering and confronting this source can you make real changes in your thinking and behavior. Working with a therapist will allow you to actively control your healing process. Medication only masks the true issues.

If I seek help for anxiety, I’m worried people I know will think I am ‘crazy.’”

In my opinion, the ‘crazy’ thing is the negative attitude many people have toward mental health issues. The way we view physical health is very different—if you were suffering from blocked sinuses and a sore throat, no one would bat an eye if you started taking a decongestant. Unfortunately, this is not how many people think about working with a therapist.

Luckily, when it comes to therapy, no one but you has to know if you are seeking help. Your involvement in therapy and everything that comes up in a session is strictly confidential. While anxiety is the number one reason people seek help, if you don’t want anyone besides us to know, no one will.

Why is Working With You Different?

I am a licensed professional in counseling, specializing in anxiety counseling in San Antonio, TX. I received my Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Texas at San Antonio. More importantly, I will establish a rapport and gain your trust through my ability to imagine myself in your world. Clients like the way I find and point out their strengths instead of dwelling on their deficiencies. I can show you how to use those strengths in solving your problems and facilitate change in your life. I’ll enable you to see you DO have the tools to solve your own problems.

I believe in perseverance even in the hardest cases—I never give up on my clients. Additionally, I am constantly dedicated to observing the latest research in an attempt to find what may work for my clients. With years of life experience, I know what it feels like to hurt and what it takes to heal.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are ready to find relief from your anxiety and reclaim your life as your own, I am ready to help.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation if you’d like to learn more about what I can offer you.

If you feel ready to set up a full appointment, you have a couple of options:

You can call me at 210-286-0810,
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I look forward to hearing from you.