Marriage and Couples Coaching

Has Your Marriage Become Conflicted and Disconnected? Are You Eager For A Solution to Save Your Relationship?

Do you feel like you and your spouse are constantly fighting the same fight? Does it feel like the love you once shared has gone missing? Maybe you or your partner struggles to let go of their past, or has trouble truly committing to your relationship. Maybe you have lost trust in one another due to infidelity. Perhaps there is a disconnect between you and your spouse from a loss of passion. Perhaps one or both of you experiences outside stressors—problems with work or family, or struggles with anxiety or depression. Maybe you feel like there is little hope to repair your relationship and you have been considering divorce.

No relationship is perfect, but if you feel like your connection with your spouse is suffering, there are alternatives to separation. Especially if you have children, a home, and other responsibilities together, divorce can often create even larger problems. Couples counseling can provide you and your spouse with the tools you might be missing in reclaiming your love and connection.

Couples and Marriage 300x200How Can Couples Counseling Help Us Try To Work This Out?

I’m Cathy Neville, and I want to help you and your spouse reconnect in a healthy way. Through couples therapy, I will help you and your spouse using a method specialized for your case. Regardless of which approach we choose, we will work together to help you and your spouse truly understand each other again. I believe that getting to the root of your disagreements by exploring and learning about each others’ thoughts, desires and feelings is key to reestablishing a healthy relationship.

I will also help you and your spouse develop open lines of communication and conflict resolution strategies. These strategies become even more effective after you have uncovered the underlying attachments you might bring to a conflict. When you can understand why each of you feels and acts the way you do, you can better understand how to solve your disagreements together.

But Wait…

“I just don’t know if couples counseling will work, especially since my spouse is reluctant to seek help.”

Trying to persuade your spouse to come to couples counseling can be challenging, but it is true that most couples who seek help are happy that they did. Couples counseling will help you and your spouse rethink the way you interact with each other. It will give you insight you might be overlooking. Reluctance is a common reaction to the suggestion of therapy, but you can never know what will help unless you try it out.

It’s also important for you both to remember that the sooner you seek help, the easier it will be to make changes. The average couple waits 6 years before coming to therapy after they begin experiencing problems. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more ingrained your problems become. Addressing your issues sooner rather than later will make your healing process much easier.

If your spouse is very resistant, you can always begin therapy yourself. Often, your partner will come around to the idea if they see you taking action.

“Sometimes I feel like we are beyond help altogether. Many days, divorce really seems like the best option.”

When you think about it, divorce or separation might feel like the right choice—to be “free” of this relationship might seem like the best way to solve the issues you have. However, letting go of your marriage is likely not the solution you are seeking. Even though you can leave your spouse, it’s important to remember that the problems you experienced together were not just their problems. Couples therapy can help you to better understand each other as well as yourselves. When you get to a place where you can really know where you’re both coming from, you’ll realize that you have the  tools to work out your problems. If you can resolve your conflicts together, you’ll likely find that divorce is no longer a necessary option.

“I’m worried that either my spouse or I will have to take the blame for our problems if we seek help. I’m worried one of us will feel attacked.”

As your counselor, it is my job to make sure this does not happen. I will not take sides or try to pit you against each other even further. I stay fair and balanced throughout the whole process. Additionally, I will actively work to make sure the two of you are learning to communicate in a way that avoids blaming each other. When you can stop worrying about blame, you can begin to look at what is really going on between you. By creating a neutral environment myself, I hope to bring you and your spouse to a place where you can actually begin to solve your problems.

Why is Working With You Different?

I am a licensed professional counselor practicing in San Antonio, Texas, and I specialize in working closely with struggling couples. I received my Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Texas at San Antonio. As a  counselor, I use practical, empirically-supported approaches to help you heal. Additionally, the majority of my practice is couples counseling.

I will establish a rapport and gain your trust through my ability to imagine myself in your world. I have a talent for understanding and validating the views of both individuals in a relationship. Due to my extensive training in depression, anxiety, grief and anger management, I am able to identify such additional problems that may be plaguing the relationship.

I believe in perseverance even in the hardest cases—I never give up on my clients. Additionally, I am constantly dedicated to observing the latest research in an attempt to find what may work for my clients. With years of life experience, I know what it feels like to hurt and what it takes to heal.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are ready to reclaim the loving, healthy, connected relationship you once had with your spouse, I am ready to help.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation if you’d like to learn more about what I can offer you in our couples counseling sessions.

If you feel ready to set up a full appointment, you have a couple of options:

 You can call me at 210-286-0810,
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I look forward to hearing from you.

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